For small businesses

Many small businesses use computers, but many small businessmen to not know how to keep their computers and networks going used efficiently.

Their computers are often mis­configured for modern versions of software, not kept up to date with security patches and bug fixes. They have problems with unsolicited email messages (SPAM) as well as viruses that make their computers run slow or even corrupt their data.

Many of these small business computers have not had a backup done in a long while, and their error logs have not been inspected to locate failing or filling disk drives.

A solution to this is the Project Cauā Professional (PCP) Preventive Maintenance Program. This program uses students who are trying to further their education to do preventive and “fix” maintenance on small business computers. The PCP will visit the business for three to four hours each week (adjustable by the PCP and the small business owner) and do preventive maintenance on the computer systems including inspecting the log files and doing backups of the small business data.

In addition, the PCP will do things like make sure the wiring in your business is correct, labeling the wires so you know what they are and what they do, setting up networks and making sure they are secure and many other things which you and the PCP decide are necessary.

You will form a contract with the PCP which will determine the tasks that the PCP will do for you, and the amount of money that the PCP will be paid every month. This money will help the PCP attain his further education.

The small business will run better, with less computer downtime, better performance from your computer systems and greater reliability.

As the PCP learns more about your business, they may be able to suggest free or low cost software that will help your business work better. If you and the PCP agree to it, the PCP can install the software and help you tailor it to your needs.