The Value of Project Cauã for Educational Organizations

Project Cauā is good for Educational Institutions.

Even when tuition to educational institutions is paid for by the government, it is estimated by one institution that forty percent of the qualifying students still can not attend the institution for lack of money to pay for living expenses, books and other learning tools. In addition many students from poorer families need to work to help support the family. Unless they obtain a good paying job part time, their families suffer, and the student does not attend school.

Project Cauā allows the student to create a good, part time job while they are getting their education. Unlike traditional “student jobs”, Project Cauā allows the student to own their own company and set their own hours in conjunction with their customers. The “Project Cauā Professional” (PCP) as they are called determines how many customers they have at any one time, and therefore how many hours they work.

Students are encouraged to take a lower work load, and therefore spread their education over one or two more years, with the trade­off of emerging from getting their higher education with better grades and without debt. Instead they have what could be a highly valuable business that they could sell to incoming students.

Unlike traditional student jobs such as working in a restaurant or cooking hamburgers (neither of which do much to prepare a computer science or computer engineering student for “real world work”), Project Cauā has the student doing the work of a computer professional, starting with the skills that the student already knows. As the student advances through education, they become more and more valuable to their customers and to themselves.

Universities and other higher level institutions can take advantage of Project Cauā as another example of “intern” programs to help students financially, but as an “intern” program where students not only learn technical knowledge, but also business knowledge.

Financial aid officers can help students take advantage of Project Cauā as students apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Project Cauā can facilitate the best students to attend higher education, not just the students who can afford it.