Value of Project Cauã for Governments

One of the focal points of government today is how to stimulate business. One area of stimulation is to give additional training in the high tech area, which is useful not only to high tech companies, but even “low tech” companies that more and more have to use computers and complex networks.

Many local, state and even federal governments want to create high-tech centers in their areas. The problem is that high-tech companies want to see highly trained potential employees before they come to the area. These companies may be willing to bring their very highest trained employees and managers, but they do not want to have to “import” all of their employees. They need to see a pool of employees that are ready to be hired.

Project Cauā can energize high school and university students into the computer science (CS) and computer engineering (CE) areas. By showing potential CS and CE students how to make money while in their last year of grade school and all the way through university, it stimulates local students to train for those positions, as well as create a set of future entrepreneurs who will create the support mechanism of the present and future.

Project Cauā can help local businesses be more efficient in the use of their computer systems, and be more savvy in the creation and use of social media in advertising.

Project Cauā is good for local businesses.