The value of Project Caua to a Student

The value of Project Caua to a student (also known as a Project Caua Professional, or PCP) is to help them earn money to afford a good education in order to prepare them for life.

In addition, Project Caua will train the PCP how to create and run their own support organization, how to evaluate their own skills, create contracts, create brochures and marketing
materials as well as market and “sell” themselves.

The PCP will learn how to track and solve problems, how to subcontract to other people and eventually how to sell off their business.

The PCP will be guided by the Project Caua website and by local mentors who will help the PCP understand the program and be successful.

The PCP should not only be able to use their existing knowledge and skills to create a business, but in the end both grow in skills and create a good portfolio for later jobs as well as good contacts to be used later on in business.