The Value of Project Cauã for Educational Organizations

Project Cauā is good for Educational Institutions.

Even when tuition to educational institutions is paid for by the government, it is estimated by one institution that forty percent of the qualifying students still can not attend the institution for lack of money to pay for living expenses, books and other learning tools. In addition many students from poorer families need to work to help support the family. Unless they obtain a good paying job part time, their families suffer, and the student does not attend school.

Value of Project Cauã for Governments

One of the focal points of government today is how to stimulate business. One area of stimulation is to give additional training in the high tech area, which is useful not only to high tech companies, but even “low tech” companies that more and more have to use computers and complex networks.

Value for Mentors

Project Caua is very reliant on the use of local mentors and mentor organizations, but often the mentors ask “why should I be involved with Project Caua?”

For small businesses

Many small businesses use computers, but many small businessmen to not know how to keep their computers and networks going used efficiently.

Their computers are often mis­configured for modern versions of software, not kept up to date with security patches and bug fixes. They have problems with unsolicited email messages (SPAM) as well as viruses that make their computers run slow or even corrupt their data.

Many of these small business computers have not had a backup done in a long while, and their error logs have not been inspected to locate failing or filling disk drives.

The value of Project Caua to a Student

The value of Project Caua to a student (also known as a Project Caua Professional, or PCP) is to help them earn money to afford a good education in order to prepare them for life.

In addition, Project Caua will train the PCP how to create and run their own support organization, how to evaluate their own skills, create contracts, create brochures and marketing
materials as well as market and “sell” themselves.

The PCP will learn how to track and solve problems, how to subcontract to other people and eventually how to sell off their business.